Wait.. So, are these physical cards or blockchain collectables?

Both! Booster packs contain 6 physical trading cards. Some of these cards will feature complete seeds phrases, while others contain partial seed phrases that must be combined.

Gain ownership of rare (and sometimes valuable) NFTs by restoring the wallets in which they live.

Do this by using any wallet which supports ERC-1155 tokens. (We highly recommend using Enjin digital wallet.)

Please note: Event and Pioneer cards do not contain seed phrases. 

How many first edition booster packs will be printed?

First edition booster packs are limited to 1,200. 

Which web3 wallet should i use?

 While any wallet which supports ERC-1155 tokens would technically work. We strongly encourage the use of Enjin digital wallet. 

Where do you ship?

We ship internationally! 


Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes. You can cancel your pre-order and will receive a full-refund. 

Do you accept returns?

We will issue refunds for unopened boosters packs if return is initiated within 30 days of purchase date. We are unfortunately unable to accept returns for opened packs.

If you’re having any issues, please email us at: [email protected] 



How does Geekoid choose how cards are distributed?

To maintain fairness and consistency, our team has developed software which utilizes mathematical formulas to help achieve maximum randomness. Our ultimate goal is to distribute set-1 with as little human intervention as possible. 

How many different event cards are there?

Due to the fast changing enviorment of the crypto-sphere, we will continue development of new event cards throughout distribution of set 1. 

Please note that some events may be retired at any point.  

How rare are my cards?

Click the link below to view population and circulation details.

Total Card Supply


How many different sets of Rush Cards are there?

New sets of Rush cards will be released as existing Rush card tokens are claimed. For example, once Rush set 1 is claimed, printing of all set 1 assets will cease and a new Rush set will be released.

Please note: Once a Rush set’s NFT is claimed, all Rush cards of that particular set will in essence, die. The wallet connected to these cards will not hold any assets in the future.   

How can I check if a rush token has been claimed?

The Rush page will provide real-time redemption updates of each set. 

How can I leave suggestions for the team?

Please use form below to submit any suggestions. 

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