Crypto magazines and print issues are collectible for many reasons. Cryptocurrency is a relatively recent addition to financial technology. From its beginnings in about 2009, Bitcoin ( or BTC) the digital currency backed by blockchain technology has grown into a major force in global markets. The print periodicals that accompanied the introduction of digital currency have also become a recognized commodity.

As said earlier, Cryptocurrency magazines and print issues are collectible for many reasons. Print media can capture news and events in unforgettable ways, and they are more than mementos. Rare and important print copies are collectibles, and this is certainly the case in the digital currency space.

Some 3 Crypto Magazines That You Should Buy Today

Crypto Magazines You Should Buy Today

The initial copy of the first widely-distributed magazine aimed exclusively at cryptocurrency has become a rare and collectible item. A major magazine article that signaled the acceptance of cryptocurrency was an important milestone. A magazine issue that claimed to reveal a critical secret identity became a collectible for its noteworthy mistake. The items below describe some exciting digital currency collectibles.

Magazine issue: BITCOIN Magazine May 1, 2012 published by Coin Publishing LLC

What Is It?

BITCOIN Magazine is one of the very few Crypto Magazines that was widely regarded as one of the early periodicals dedicated to the emerging digital currency industry. The publication grew from a group founded by Mihai Alisie and that included Vitalik Buterin. Mr. Buterin became the lead writer and technical expert on cryptocurrency. The parent company was based in Romania and its content discussed and gave advice about the development of and current issues in cryptocurrencies.

Notably, Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin later worked together to refine cryptocurrency. They developed the Ethereum platform and the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

When Was It Released?

The initial release date was May 1, 2012 and the first delivery to subscribers came in the following two week period. An online version with English translation preceded the initial print publication. The print magazine ceased publication and all print copies are now vintage items. Can you see why crypto magazines are becoming more and more valuable? Exclusivity and scarcity often make items valuable.

Value Increase Over the Years

The initial price was $9.00 (9.00 USD) for a one year subscription. The company sold individual copies through book sellers like Barnes & Noble. From the humble beginnings as a free to low cost item, the price of a copy of the first edition of the BTC magazine has increased steadily over the years.

While a precise market price may be difficult to state, sellers currently offer copies in good condition above $500.00 per copy. Using popular auction sites such as eBay, current prices range between $500-$575.

Magazine issue: New Yorker magazine October 10, 2011 Bit Coin Collectible

What Is It?

The October 11, 2011 edition of New Yorker Magazine contained a widely-read and reviewed article about Bit Coin and digital currency. At the time of the writing, the major cryptocurrencies were only a few years old after having begun in about 2009. The issue was one of the early and influential articles about BTC in a major media print outlet. New Yorker has an audience both in and connected to New York City which is the nation’s leading financial technology center.

New Yorker magazine October 10, 2011 Bit Coin
Source: The New Yorker

When Was It Released?

The October 11,2011 edition of the New Yorker was released on that date and sold on Newsstands, in bookstores, and delivered to subscribers in the days and weeks immediately following publication.

Value Increase Over the Years

The initial price of the crypto magazine as published was $5.99 (5.99 USD). The magazine was collectible but not rare until recent years as the demand for digital currency collectibles rose. Today, sellers ask in the range of $250 to $300 (250- 300 USD) for copies in excellent condition.

Magazine issue: Newsweek: The Face Behind Bit Coin, March, 2014

What Is It?

The periodical Newsweek attempted to make a big news splash by issuing an exclusive story that identified the actual person behind the invention of the world’s leading cryptocurrency. The magazine returned from an absence as a print magazine by issuing a limited edition of 70,000 copies of a cover entitled BIT COIN’S FACE.

Newsweek: The Face Behind Bit Coin, March, 2014
Image Source: New York Times

When Was It Released?

The article date was March 6, 2014:6:05 EST and the magazine copy was published and distributed in the days and weeks immediately following.

Value Increase Over the Years

The famous edition would have been memorable if the story had been true and supported by evidence. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has been a long-sought detail of a legendary figure. While the reporting was painstaking in its detail and admirable for its persistence, the mystery of the identity of the creator of the leading cryptocurrency was not solved.

The run was limited to 70,000 copies, and this would also add value and collect-ability to the item. Because the person identified in the article as Satoshi Nakamoto denied the truth of the assertion, the magazine became a collector’s item for its mistaken identification. The current asking price on Amazon is about $2,750.00.

Conclusion on Coins and Crypto Magazines

Lastly, while the existence of cryptocurrencies are purely digital, and they are not real coins. The collectible crypto magazines are physical and rare. The demand for these collectibles comes from the high-level of interest in the leading coins and their remarkable rise in value. As cryptocurrencies gain greater penetration into finance and acceptance among mainstream institutions, the value of print collectibles is likely to grow.

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