Ever since the rise of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, the prospect of digital collectibles has grown increasingly alluring. As people spend more time in web- based experiences, the advantages of unique, irreplaceable digital objects are clearer than ever.

DÜO is a new trading card game combining the futuristic world of NFTs with the classic feel of physical cards. For the collector, nothing beats the feeling of cracking open a new pack of cards. For the futurist, an NFT provides ownership as it should be — modular, tradable, meltable, and blockchain-secured.

From Satoshi Nakamoto to DeFi, the cryptocurrency story is one of the world’s transition from the physical to the digital. Blockchains created the means for the historical shift, and DÜO collectible token cards commemorate the pioneers, events, and technologies behind it all.

Crypto Trading Cards Born on the Blockchain

Satoshi Nakamoto, Wei Dei, Vitalik Buterin, and the infamous Bitcoin pizza are all part of cryptocurrency lore. Any HODLer worth their salt can easily quote the Bitcoin whitepaper before expounding on Buterin’s creation of smart contracts.

The backside of each “token” card contains a seed phrase. To access a card’s corresponding DÜO token cache, restore the seed phrase using a compatible wallet. For the rarest of DÜO token NFTS, seed phrases are listed partially, requiring you to find and combine the missing phrase using other cards before unlocking the asset.

Because of their dual nature, DÜO token cards are tradable on emerging marketplaces for NFTs like OpenSea.io and the Enjin Marketplace.

Collect, Redeem, and Melt Valuable Tokens

At the center of the DÜO token card concept is the ability to choose your own path for designating, redeeming, and trading value.

Rush cards are sets of DÜO token cards, which, once complete, give you access to a corresponding wallet filled with valuable tokens. Once you’re in control of the wallet, important decisions must be made.


Airdrop cards, on the other hand, are free NFTs with complete seed phrases. Rather than dig through pack after pack looking for matching combinations, airdrop cards give you the goods on contact.

Rare Original Artworks of Crypto Pioneers

Despite NFTs being the center of the DÜO universe, not all DÜO cards are linked to tokens. The why is simple — while cryptography can guarantee rarity, so too can limited physical supply.


Pioneer cards feature original limited edition artworks of the 18 most influential figures in blockchain past and present.

DÜO token cards perfectly commemorate the history of cryptocurrency while simultaneously pushing the evolution of groundbreaking NFT collectibles forward.

Moreover, first edition packs are limited to 1200 sets.

Ready to snag your slice of crypto history? Pre-order your DÜO first edition booster pack today at Geekoid.io