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The DV Membership NFT Tokens | Coming Soon

Rewarding users coming in at the ground floor by allowing them to join a secret cabal and ever
influence intergalactic wars, the Duo Verse (DV) NFT launch is providing mobile players with
unprecedented opportunities.

Products of Geekoid

Duoverse: The Next-Gen mobile metaverse

The play-to-earn mobile metaverse features cutting-edge graphics, immersive gameplay and secure ownership of parcels and planets utilizing the latest in NFT tech. Native mobile application coming to both Android and iOS. Get a jumpstart on the competition and begin VMining today.

Duo: The crypto trading card game

DÜO is an original, hybrid (PRINT+NFT) trading card game featuring the pioneers, events and tech which helped shape the crypto space as we know it. These limited edition prints are powered by Enjin’s ERC-1155 tokens, allowing users to redeem, melt, trade and sell their enclosed NFTs.


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We’re focused on bringing the power of web3 to the masses by revolutionizing the blockchain UX through fun, easy-to-use products, games and experiences that everyone could enjoy.

While we focus on this mission, we will not negotiate with Terrorists, VC’s, Wall Street and Governments.

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